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The Kids & The Team

gambar bergayaThe Mentari Kids 


  • Current Student Enrollment: 50  students from pre-school, primary and secondary students.
  • Starting out in 2008 with only 7 children, Mentari Project has grown in leaps and bounds when the student enrollment increased up to 100 children in 2009.
  • Until today, there have been a total of about 200 students who have joined Mentari Project.

desa mentariBackground: 

  • The Mentari Kids are from ages 4 years old up to 17 years old.
  • They live in the low-cost housing area in Desa Mentari (Blocks 2. 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8) and the nearby neighbourhoods of Kg Lindungan and Taman Desaria.
  • The students who have been with Mentari Project since its inception, are now 17 years old holding responsible positions in school such as Assistant Head Prefect, Librarians and Monitors.


  • These students are often elected as leaders for their groups during workshops and camps and are looked upon as role-models to the young ones.
  • This comes to show that as they have gone through the Mentari Project program, their confidence level and self-esteem has grown tremendously as compared to their first day at Mentari Project.


The Team Behind Mentari Project

Our dedicated team committed to make a difference with Mentari Project consists of:

Founding members of Mentari


FOUNDERS: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Mawarni Hassan, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, Safawati Mustaffa and Afif Zamri





YB Nik Nazmi : Patron and Co-Founder


PATRON: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad






Puan Mawarni Hassan



PRINCIPAL: Mawarni Hassan (Director of JUST Children Sdn Bhd and CEO of Vanity Cosmoceuticals Sdn Bhd)




3 beradik


  • HEAD FACILITATOR: Muhd Yasir Osman (Director of JUST Children Sdn Bhd and Youth Lead at Leaderonomics Sdn Bhd)
  • MANAGER: Nur Yasmin Osman (CEO of JUST Children Sdn Bhd)




Cikgu Asma


TEACHERS: Muhd Faisal Iskandar (Academic Coordinator) and Wan Nur Asma Wan Ahmad Puad






Muhd Zahidi Zainal Abidin , Muhd Imran Osman, Ahmad Shahir Jamil


IMG_0863Cikgu imran lagiCikgu Shahir








CARETAKER: Puan Fazliana


The Mentari Volunteers

The Volunteers!

The Volunteers!

At Mentari Project, we encourage volunteers to come and help the Mentari Kids with their school work and also join our weekend activities. This way, the Kids will meet new and interesting people and have the opportunity to learn a thing or two from them.

Since the beginning of Mentari Project in 2008, there have been a large number of volunteers who have helped the Mentari Kids. The group of volunteers consists of young professionals such as lawyers, engineers, bankers, businessmen and women, college and university students, lecturers, tutors, computer software experts, retired businessman and many more from various fields and backgrounds.

Mentari Project is now associated with CIMB Bank as an education centre to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility. With this collaboration, Mentari Project has had a consistent number of volunteers from CIMB Bank Management Trainees from the year 2009 until today.

Other than that, corporate companies such as General Electric and Qi have also conducted their CSR program at Mentari Project with interesting activities like decorating cupcakes, movie-screenings, reading sessions and learning new languages.

An organization called the Full-Gospel Assembly had lend a helping hand to the Mentari Kids by organizing an English Workshop as part of their Christmas project in 2011.


From the Mentari Kids:

What I want to be  by  Mohd Akram Bin Mohd Jusoh (16)  Another group performing choral speaking

 My name is Mohd Akram Bin Mohd Jusoh. Actually I have three choices of ambitions; police,doctor or inventor. I hope I can be a professional inventor for my country. First I need to learn hard on how to invent something from anything. I need to learn everything in my world including things out of space. I need some money to buy things for my work.
Then I must get enough rest before do my work. Other than that I need to spend my time with my family. I must manage my schedule and spend some time to pray and ask help from God. After that I must be a strong man to face any challenge. Thank you friends for spending your  time to read my story  about what I want to be.


What I want to be by Nor Aishah bt Umar (14)

My ambition is to be a lawyer. The challenges I face are family. My mother is sick and my father is not helping. Another challenge is my English because I don’t speak English. Other than that, I have to take care of my mother. My plan is to always speak English and ask questions to the teacher.